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The IceProbe

Thermoelectric Water Cooling Device


Nova Tec's IceProbe is a compact and efficient thermoelectric liquid chilling device which utilizes the Peltier effect to absorb heat through its probe and dissipate it into the surrounding environment through a heat sink ventilated with a low speed fan motor, the device’s only moving part.


  • Efficient

        converts electricity directly into cooling


  • Reliable

        the fan is the only moving part


  • Easy to Install

        one hole, one nut


  • Safe

        low voltage operation


  • Environmentally Friendly

        no gasses or chemicals


Because of its small size, light weight, reliability, quiet operation, and ease of installation, the IceProbe is well suited to a wide range of consumer and industrial applications where relatively small amounts of liquid are cooled. In some applications, such as aquarium chilling, the IceProbe simply removes heat from liquid to achieve a target temperature. In other applications, like residential cold drinking water systems, an IceBank is formed around the probe to increase cooling capacity and speed system recovery. By utilizing the IceBank, IceProbe Powered water coolers consistently deliver over two gallons of cold drinking water per day. The IceProbe can be easily bulkhead installed into almost any type of water reservoir.

The IceProbe is a low voltage, direct current device. Therefore, a power supply is either built into or provided with an IceProbe powered appliance to convert the AC power at the wall outlet to the DC power required by the thermoelectric cooling module. A typical IceProbe powered product consumes the same amount of energy as a 40 to 60 watt light bulb. Many IceProbe applications also require temperature control to maintain a target liquid temperature or to regulate the IceBank formation around the probe.

To ensure our customer’s success, Nova Tec offers professional application engineering services to speed product development and optimize product designs.


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