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Power Supplies

Nova Tecs' Power Supplies are designed specifically to optimize the IceProbe's thermoelectric performance and reliability.



Standard Power Supply Specifications:

Dimensions: 6 x 3.5 x 3
Weight: 1.25 pounds
Electrical: 63 watt, 12 volt DC output
UL-listed 110/120 volt AC (U.S.)
ULc-listed 110/120 volt AC (Canada)
CE-marked 220/240 volt AC (International)
Cords: 6 long on AC and DC sides


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Temperature Controllers

Nova Tecs Proportional Temperature Controllers are available in four preset temperature ranges. The exact temperature set point is fixed by adjusting a Philips head set point dial. Our controllers feature an 18 inch long waterproof temperature sensor and all the electrical connections to allow for simple installation between the IceProbe and the Power Converter.


Temperature Controller Specifications:

Dimensions: 3.25x 2 x .75

Weight: .5 pounds including cords

Temperature Sensor: Waterproof, 18 long

Power Cords: 26 long to IceProbe; 13 long to power supply; 4-Pin Connectors

Electrical: Operates at 9 to 15 volt DC, 7 amps max; controls 1 IceProbe

Accuracy: +/- 1F

Adjustable Temperature Ranges:
- Model TEC65: 65F to 85F
- Model TEC45: 45F to 65F
- Model TEC25: 25F to 45F
- Model TEC10: 10F to 20F


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